Product Review: Laptops

  Laptop Computers   When my daughter brought home her Surface laptop, I was impressed. I love the writing tool, that allows free form drawing, and hand written signatures. I love the touch screen, and the speed of the operating system is amazing. After having had a desk top for so many years I know its…


North Carolina, needs a physicist.

Nice picture of solar power, great clean energy, but does it “suck up the sun’s energy” as North Carolina governing body believes? Is there any way they could understand the physics of it and come to a realistic conclusion or is it just willful ignorance?

Book Review: Tim Ferriss author

Great book!    The Four Hour Work Week, inspires and informs. After coming across the book and the authors’ podcasts I am a fan. Really great interviews, great ideas, and great inspiration. The book will give you ideas and inspiration to make changes for the better in your life.

Superficial Eyes

What looks like failure to superficial outside eyes, may be unimaginable personal inner success. Overcoming insurmountable obstacles and learning treasure chests of knowledge and wisdom may not leave you surrounded by all the worlds trappings of fame and fortune. No one really strives to go down the hard roads, alone, facing our own judgements of…

Overcoming negativity

First, define the negative and find where it’s coming from. Sometimes, taking time to introspectively look for the roots will bring answers, but you really have to be clear on what is positive in your life first. Take some time to clear your mind. Think of the things you really love. Think of your dreams,…